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Stable Rules

Owner hereby acknowledges receipt and understanding of the current Borg Farms Rules, which are incorporated by reference in full, as if fully set forth herein. These rules will be amended periodically as needed. OWNER agrees he/she and his/her guests and invitees will be bound and abide by these Rules and accepts responsibility for the conduct of his guests and invitees according to these Rules. OWNER acknowledges the Rules include but are not limited to:


  1. Release and Hold Harmless Agreement: Every person who comes onto Borg Farms property must immediately sign a Release and Hold Harmless Agreement. Boarders are responsible for ensuring their guests sign the agreement. Only a parent or legal guardian can sign for a minor. Forms are available from the Borg Farms staff.

  2. Visitors: Only boarders are allowed into the stalls or pastures. If a boarder would like to show someone the horses, it should be from outside the pasture, or they may remove their own horse from the pasture/stall and visit outside of the pasture/stall.  Borg Farm’s personnel have the right to question anyone that is not familiar. Borg Farms must be notified in advance of visitors coming to the barn.

  3. Barn Hours:  8am to 8pm.  Exceptions made for horses/individuals departing to and/or returning from horse activities with prior arrangements made with Borg Farms management.

  4. Parking: Please Park in designated areas only. Borg Farms is not responsible for any damage to vehicles while parked on the premises.

  5. Gates:  All gates shall be kept always shut, except while passing through. Please do not climb over the gates or climb over gates or climb through them.  Boarders are not to share the security code with visitors without permission from Borg Farms management!

  6. Marijuana, illegal drugs, guns, and alcohol: Under no circumstances is marijuana, illegal substances or guns permitted on the premises.  Alcohol may only be consumed with the permission and in the presence of Borg Farms management.  Individuals under the influence will be asked to leave and/or be removed from premises.

  7. Smoking: Smoking is not allowed on the premises.

  8. Dogs and Other Pets: No dogs or other pets other than horses are allowed on the premises, except those that belong to Borg Farms Management.

  9. Footwear: No opened-toed shoes are to be worn around or when handling the horses.  Please advise your guests of the policy prior to their arrival.

  10. Minors: Children must be closely supervised by and remain with a responsible adult at all times.

  11. Lights and Locks: All boarders are responsible for turning off applicable lights when leaving the facilities (tack and feed rooms, wash rack, lounge, indoor area etc.).  The last person leaving the barn is responsible for ensuring all lights other than security lights are turned off and doors are secured.  Any loss of equipment is not the responsibility of Borg Farms or its management.

  12. Professional Services Providers: Boarders will advise Borg Farms management in advance of any/all appointments made with service providers (vets, farriers, etc.)  Boarder will either attend horse personally or make prior arrangements for Borg Farms staff to attend.

  13. Cleanliness: Please help the Borg Farm staff to keep the premises attractive and welcoming.  Boarders MUST pick up as needed and reporting safety issues is expected of each boarder and/or guest.  Round pen, driveway, aisle way, wash rack, feed and tack rooms, lounge and arenas are areas of particular concern and are to be left clean.  If your horse makes a mess, put manure in muck basket, which should be emptied in the dumpster or manure pit.  If you groom your horse in the wash stall or aisle way you must seep up hair and dirt before you leave.

  14. Helmets: We recommend that all riders wear protective headgear.  However, riding apparel and equipment are the responsibility of the rider.  Anyone riding without protective equine helmet must indicate such on the Release of Liability form.  Participants always ride at their own risk and do not hold Borg Farms LLC accountable for any injuries or death resulting from participating in equine activities.

  15. Respect: Please help your fellow boarders.  Always try to work together.  Infighting, gossiping and general poor behavior toward people or horses will not be tolerated.

  16. SPEED LIMIT: When you enter the driveway from Herring Road the speed limit is 5 MPH.  If you are creating dust, you are diving too fast.  We share this road with other homeowners so please be respectful.


Your cooperation in recognizing the importance of these rules, as well as adhering to them is greatly appreciated.  This is notice of these rules.  The above rules are subject to change at the management’s discretion.

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